Downloading the File Edit

This is probobly the easiest things in this tutorial. Simply click Here.


Renaming the File Edit

You may have noticed it is a .bmp file.

Because of that, I have copied a section of my webpage, showing how to do it.



First, Download the file.

Then, open the folder it's in.


Then, rename it to it's proper name. For this, it's Pac Man Screensaver.scr It is actually, for this, Pokedex Entry

It should look like this.



Now, if you can't rename it, follow these steps



Step 1: Open My Documents.

Step 2:Go to Tools, then Folder Options


Step 3: A dialog Box will open. Go to "View".          


Step 4:

A different view will pop up. Make sure "Hide endings for known file types" is UNCHECKED!


After that, your done!



Installing PEM Edit

OK, a zip file is kida usless unless you can do something with it.

First, extract all of the files into a directory.

Before you run the installer, make a copy of the Pokedex Entry Maker.exe

Next, run: Pokedex Entry Maker Installer.exe

Keep Pressing Enter when it runs.

Now, run the copy you made, and it should work!